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iOS App Development

We build iOS apps for varied business uses and markets including communication, gaming, productivity tools, health and wellness, and gaming, among others. At Insta Geeks Help, we develop products that vary from retail customer oriented apps to enterprise applications that are used internally by large corporations. All our solutions are tailor-made to customer needs and help them address key requirements whether in their operations or in marketing and customer engagement.

Why Insta Geeks Help

  • Custom Apps: Our apps are specifically created for the customer from the scratch. All aspects of the app, from the front-end to the back-end, are developed in-line with client requirements. The result is a unique solution that helps increase brand awareness and market presence.
  • Responsive Designs: Our products boast of graphically rich and intuitive interfaces that are easy to use and render effortlessly on all screen sizes from smaller screens of the earlier iPhones to the larger ones sold currently around the world. Our apps also work on the larger iPads. The responsive designs are able to customize themselves to all screen sizes and help the user enjoy a seamless experience on all devices.
  • Graphically Rich Designs: Our look and feel of the interface is aimed to delight, engage and hold customer attention. We understand our customer wants apps that are better than the competition, and we ensure that they get such apps. The focus on creating a unique experience allows us to deliver exceptional products that attract and hold user attention for a longer period.
  • Intuitive: We focus on providing an intuitive interface that makes it easier for the user to navigate the application. The easy-to-use flow makes it more comprehensible and this in turn makes it a go-to app for the users.
  • Robust Platform: Our team uses Xcode, the integrated development environment (IDE) for iOS to build the solutions. We leverage the tools, compilers, frameworks, etc. to build a robust product.
  • Technical Support: We provide our customers with comprehensive technical support for updates and maintenance. We help fix bugs, prevent attacks, upgrade the platform to new updates, and perform all the necessary functions to help make the app a favorite among Apple device users.

We at Insta Geeks Help understand that the user needs the best app to create a presence in the market. The solution has to portray what their brand stands for, and at the same time attract and retain new customers. In case, of e-commerce or similar apps, it has to be robust enough to support a data-intensive backend and let the information flow freely on the front-end. Our solutions are designed to perform all these tasks and provide a truly unique experience to the end-user.