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With most computer devices connected to the internet 24*7, the risk of the devices being affected with a virus or malware anytime is a real-time ongoing threat. As such, the need for a good antivirus software is a crucial one for every computer system. We at present to you our instaCure antivirus for Windows that provides the necessary security to your devices.

instaCure Antivirus

The antivirus is designed keeping in mind the need to instantly counter every potential malware threat. It alerts the user through both audio and visual cues such as making a specific sound and showing a pop-up window. It also instantly blocks any potential threat from harming the system.

Most antivirus software are known to make your computer slow because these are bulky in size and slow, thereby take a toll on the processor. instaCure antivirus is light on resources and also takes much lesser time for installation. Once the antivirus is installed and updated, it immediately secures your computer by running scans and automatically setting up a protection cover.

Features of the instaCure Antivirus


Threat Scan

InstaCure has one the most extensive database available till date. instaCure eliminates all threats coming from internet providing maximum protection better than other security software’s.


Email Virus Protection

InstaCure protects your emails coming into your Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail and other email clients using SMTP and POP3.


History Cleaner

InstaCure removes browsing history and search history logs from many popular applications installed in the computer. This feature is required to maintain your online privacy and anonymity.


USB Protection

instaCure scans all USB and flash drives connected to the computer.


Startup Manager

With this feature user can view and choose applications which needs to start when the computer is turned on.


Schedule Scans

With schedule scan feature instaCure runs the scan at a time defined by the user itself. Once scheduled, instaCure will automatically scan and protect the computer at all times.


Cookies Remover

InstaCure can remove cookies stored in the computer browser that are suspicious and known as a potential threat to a users privacy.


Automatic Updates

InstaCure virus databases updated automatically with an active internet connection. The user will never have to worry about updating the security software.

Great possibilities go hand-in-hand with risks. The internet is no exception to this rule. The network and the cloud are full of threats that your computer needs to be secured against. instaCure antivirus is the much needed protection every Windows PC or system needs.


Activation Instruction

  1. In order to activate the full features of instaCure, you must register the software by clicking on “Register”.
  2. After you have successfully registered the software, an email will be sent to you with the activation code.
  3. Copy the activation code.
  4. Open instaCure, and click on the Register button again.
  5. An activation screen will prompt you for the activation code.
  6. Paste the activation code.
  7. Click “Register Now”, and your instaCure Premium will be fully activated.

In case you do not receive the activation email, please contact our support team at or call at 1-855-226-8306 .

Installation Intsructions

  1. If you do not have the instaCure installation file, PLEASE CLICK HERE
  2. Once file is downloaded, open the downloaded file and start the installation process.
  3. A window prompt may pop up, click on the “Yes” button to confirm the installation.
  4. Once u get the user terms and conditions prompt. Click the “Install” button and complete the installation.
  5. After the installation process the software will run automatically after a successful installation.

Unsinstall Instruction

In case a user would wish to remove our software, he / she can remove it just like any other software.

  1. Click Start
  2. Click in the “Control Panel” button
  3. Choose Programs and features / Uninstall a Software
  4. Select instaCure and click on uninstall.