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Android App Development

We develop graphically rich and engaging Android apps for various smartphones and tablets running on the platform. Our applications are custom-made and are ideal for businesses looking to create a dedicated user base or increase their market presence. Insta Geeks Help’s developers create Android apps for various industries including sports and gaming, e-commerce, news and media, reference tools, music and videos, etc.

Why Insta Geeks Help

  • Custom Apps: Our apps are designed for a specific purpose. We understand the client requirements and plan the overall design and development of the product. Each aspect of the final requirement is taken into account. The client is kept fully informed during the design and development stages so they know at what phase the development is in and can provide feedback as and when a segment is developed. This enables faster development and deployment.
  • Responsive Designs: Our designs can run on all screen sizes of smartphones and tablets. Unlike iOS, a large number of companies have adopted the Android platform as their phone’s OS. Each of these phones come in a different size and has diverse processing power. Our designs are responsive enough to take care of these parameters and still run smoothly on all phones from ones running the legacy Froyo or Gingerbread to those running the Lollipop or Marshmallow version.
  • Graphically Rich Designs: Insta Geeks Help developers ensure the apps use the right colors and designs and are graphically pleasing to the user. The idea is to create applications that are engaging enough to turn a random user into a dedicated one. This is especially important for e-commerce or other retail apps that need a dedicated user base to build their revenues and outrun the competition
  • Intuitive Interface: We design the apps to run as effortlessly as possible. All aspects of the menu structure and call-to-action buttons are planned in detail. Our developers use various alpha and beta versions to test and refine the interactivity and help users gain the maximum from the flow structure.
  • Use of Dedicated SDK: Our developers use Android’s Software Development Kit (SDK) to build the applications. They make use of the debugger, plugins, API libraries, emulator and documentation to create the required app
  • Support and Maintenance: We also provide testing, debugging, updating and support services. Since an app works in a fluid market, it has to be kept updated at all times. This necessitates that the support team checks the app for issues and fixes them before they occur whether through patches or newer version updates.

Insta Geeks Help’s developers have years of experience in designing custom Android apps. All things from the size to back-end and front-end interoperability are considered while designing these apps. Businesses can significantly increase their ROI by using our services and getting the app they need to increase market presence and / or revenues.